The Name

Arsha Vidya Vahini is the title that symbolizes the sacred Shastra Parampara.

Arsha - that which belongs to the Rishis (risheh idam arsham) - the seers of the ultimate truth called Brahman, Vidya - the wisdom that liberates one from the bondage of Ignorance.  (yaa vimuktaye saa Vidya) and Vahini - the river.


Arsha Vidya Vahini is the perennial river of the sacred wisdom that flows from the Seers to the Seekers in the form of GURU-SISHYA PARAMPARA. The emblem abundant with symbolism depicts this import. The palm leaf manuscript is PRAMANA SHASTRA called Veda. The inscribed Upanishadic proclamation,“Vidyayaamrutamashnute” boldly declares that one attains Immortality only by Wisdom. The Chinmudra (the hand in the teaching gesture) and the flowers signify the Jnana and Karma- the primary and secondary means for Moksha. They also are symbolic of Guru-Sishya sampradayam. The chinmudra reminds us of the Adiguru Sri Dakshinamurthy while the flowers stand for the blossoming of the Jignasa, the desire for self-knowledge. All these are seen against a background of OM, which is Sacchidanandam Advayam Brahma.


The Organization

Founded by the blessings and direct guidance of Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth, Arsha Vidya Vahini is a registered trust has been constituted with his disciples and well-wishers. The organization is exclusively dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Vedanta Shastra. AVV endeavors to provide egalitarian opportunity to the aspirants for understanding the ageless wisdom of Upanishads and the practical means that bestows the appropriate qualification for such study.


The Activities

To benefit the aspirants, AVV organizes classes on Advaita Vedanta and Meditation on a regular basis. There are also occasional classes for learning Sanskrit and Vedic chanting.

AVV’s current activities:

  •    •  Conducting JNANA YAGNAMS (Lecture camps, Seminars, and Workshops to facilitate an understanding of the Shastra).
  •    •  Running VEDANTA ADHYAYANA MANDALI(regular classes for an in-depth study of the standard and classical
  •        texts of ADVAITA VEDANTA).
  •    •  Publishing and free distribution of spiritual literature.
  •    •  Occasional classes for learning Sanskrit and Vedic Chanting
  •    •  Supporting various environmental causes


AVV continually strives towards expanding its activities of Dharma Prachara and of introducing Vaidika Dharma to Youth and Children, thus nurturing an all-round growth.


All the activities of AVV are supported by the contributions of the disciples and admirers.