Sadaasiva Samarabhaam

Shankaracharya Madhyamaam |

Asmadaachaarya Paryantaam

Vande Guru Paramparaam ||



Our scriptures are almost always in the style of a dialogue or teaching from the Acharya to the Shishya. “Acharyavaan Purusho Veda” (Only the one who studies under a Guru attains wisdom) instructs the Veda. A seeker of Vedanta needs to be nurtured only under the guidance of a competent teacher. It is only by the effulgence of great Acharyas that this ancient wisdom is appreciated and assimilated.

Our Acharya, Pujya Sri Prem Siddharth is a committed teacher of Vedanta Shastra. In His discourses, He seamlessly interweaves Vedantic teachings to our lives thus enabling the ease of appreciation of this ageless wisdom. Pujya Acharya’s erudition and passion for Vedanta are constantly revealed in His expositions on the most complex Vedanta Granthas. His eloquence holds the mind still to imbibe the teaching, while His joy is expressed by the apt examples and sharp witticisms aimed at the hearts of the disciples leaving a lasting impression; thus complexity fades away to blossom into understanding.

The embodiment of Jnana, Pujya Acharya’s heart ever rejoices in Bhakti Sagara that is revealed by His ecstasy in Namasankeerthanam. It is this Bhakti that is fragrant as He joyously narrates the glorious episodes of Bhagavata, simultaneously soaking our mind with the Brahma Vidya that permeates in and through the entire Bhakti literature.

Pujya Acharya has taught a wide range of didactical treatises for well over a decade. Many of these expositions have also been telecast on mass media and about 650 hours of His discourses are preserved in the digital format. With a vision to revive the awareness and interest on rare Vedantic texts, Pujya Acharya has taught many scriptures that are nearly unheard of in the present day and age. Furthering this noblest vision of Shastra Prachara and to assist a deeper study, Pujya Gurudev has been conducting many Jnana Yagnas including the 54-day Bhagavadgita Jnana Yagna in 2007, 38-day Astavakragita Jnana Yagna in 2010 and the 64-day Srimadbhagavata Jnana Yagna in 2011. With an interest in understanding the unity and diversity of various cultures, Pujya Gurudev accepted the invitations to tour several countries including USA, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, China, Thailand, Singapore and Nepal.

Pujya Acharya also teaches subjects like Enhancing Human Relations, Improving Workplace Culture and Mind-Management etc. at various academic and administrative institutions thus giving a glimpse of the relevance of our Shastra to the present day. He has also been instrumental in guiding many organizations and persons to take up various social and environmental welfare activities.

While His boundless glory cannot be entirely captured in these paragraphs, in His own words, Pujya Acharya gives us a glimpse of His vision, saying –

“When I work I discover a possibility, when I teach I assist a discovery!”

Shastra has proclaimed that the Acharya is the embodiment of Ishwara and it is by the fructification of the Punya gained in a thousand births that the proximity of such an Acharya can be sought. We humbly prostrate to the Lotus Feet of our Pujya Gurudev who represents this Acharya Parampara.